~Fragile Like A Bomb

This is a story about a kingdom, a land, and the people that live in that kingdom. From a distance it presents itself like so many other kingdoms, lavish, exquisite, enviable. Get closer though and the shadows underneath can be seen. The castle has high walls and those walls have deep cracks. Only a select few know of the darkness and secrecy that bubble beneath the wholesome facade known as Westwood.

Reader Reviews

  • That plot twist though...... That betrayal though......... MIND=BLOWN

    Sasha Petrinsky

  • There has never been a kingdom, quite like Westwood. Groundbreaking. I whole-heartedly recommend this book. A perfectly intertwined cross genre YA hit-Bravo!

    Nic Ramirez

  • This novel far surpassed my expectations. The twists and turns and ultimate ending are poetic. It deals with social issues and how speaking your truth isn't for the weak of heart. I need more. Please hurry and write the next book (s). A must read!

    Angela Brown

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