Who am I?

Hi all, I’m Michelle. I live in New York and love it. My proximity to the city and upstate, afford me the beauty of big city views and vast country hills. The absolute best of both worlds.  I am an avid reader and always loved the art of weaving stories. I hold a dual BA degree in Liberal arts and business, I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I believe in education and am always learning. I am passionate about my writing, and I put my heart into my work. I am hardworking, and willing and eager to connect with someone who can push me to get my manuscript where it needs to be.

Why do I want to be  part of AMM?

I am ready to take my writing to the next level. I have an overwhelming desire to share my writings with the world. I am so excited for a critique partnership. As part of my passion for learning, Author Mentor Match is a great way I can learn from my peers and successes in the literacy market, this to me is invaluable.



At first glance, the fire which took the life of lacrosse player Jordan Herrera is a terrible, tragic accident. But when investigators bring in an arson team from out of town, they discover the truth is far more terrifying. Jordan was murdered, and the fire was started to cover it up. Four Eastside High School students, all from diverse backgrounds and very different social groups have one thing in common, Jordan Herrera. Each of the four suspects has a secret they are trying their hardest to keep from being revealed. Will they risk revealing their secret and exposing how they are linked to Jordan in order to prevent themselves from becoming the patsy for the real killer. Allegiances are formed and relationships are tested.

In a town where nothing is as it seems. The social divide in the town of Breeland, TX, creates unrest forcing the mayor and police chief to make an arrest, even if they are innocent. Will the students be brave enough to reveal their own secrets, to reveal the truth about what happened that night?

Elements in my novel


~Unlikely Friendships/Relationships

~Teen angst

~Cover ups, Lies,



~So much more……….

My  Interests

Writing (obviously)


TV binge watching

Riding Quads- (blue Kawasaki Brute Force, to be exact)

Jeep Wrangler

Blowouts (I have very long hair)

Lover of all things dark & mysterious

Humor, witty repartee, sarcasm,

My little Shih Tzu puppy


Broccoli (yuck)

TV/book hangovers- they are real!


Writing playlists

I use music to set the tone, depending on the genre/scene I am writing.

My fave is: Lots of dramatic tones. Mostly dark & moody, brooding

Other Projects:

I  have a few full length YA novels, completed.

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